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  1. Ideas for Creating a Shop Window with Autumn Motifs
    Ideas for Creating a Shop Window with Autumn Motifs
    In the decor world, the change of seasons is also synonymous with a "change of wardrobe" and, consequently, with a change of your shop window. Business activity is seasonal and adapting the way the product is displayed in each season is always a good strategy.  Autumn is coming to your shop window To adapt your shop window to autumn, you...
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  2. Covid-19 changes to purchasing department way of working
    Covid-19 changes to purchasing department way of working
    The purchasing department has adapted its work processes to the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic One of the main changes the product department has had to make to adapt its processes to the new normal under the pandemic is the switch from trade fairs to offices and from live displays to virtual displays.  According to the department staff...
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  3. Catalogue 2021
    Catalogue 2021
    Do you think that sofas are one of the key features in home decor? If so, you're right, and you shouldn't miss out on our brand new catalogue of wholesale sofas.. Because a house is not a home, until it boasts a well-located sofa that provides style, warmth and comfort to the room.   Do you already know all the...
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  4. Virtual showroom, now available
    Virtual showroom, now available
    Visit the virtual decoration showroom from the comfort of your home. Item International's Virtual Showroom, gives you the chance to stroll through the entire showroom from the comfort of your living room. On our virtual reality platform, you can visit your favourite rooms in our virtual decoration showroom. What's more, you will be able to stop by each of the...
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  5. Tips for buying wholesale decoration
    Tips for buying wholesale decoration
    5 tips for buying wholesale decoration Before buying wholesale decoration, it is important to bear in mind some recommendations. Here are some of them: Research wholesale decoration suppliers The first step you should take in your wholesale decoration purchasing process is to find out which suppliers you want to work with. In this preliminary phase, it is important to Google...
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  6. How do you buy furniture wholesale?
    How do you buy furniture wholesale?
    What is buying wholesale like?   Buying wholesale involves buying a large quantity of products and then reselling them at retail prices.    Thanks to this commercial transaction, retailers can buy lots of products at a reduced price and, in turn, sell them to their customers, with a high profit margin.    It should be noted that furniture wholesalers never...
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  7. Outdoor Decoration Spring/Summer 2021
    Outdoor Decoration Spring/Summer 2021
    New Garden, Patio and Balcony Furniture Discover the new patio and balcony furniture! This spring/summer season will undoubtedly be one of the most active when it comes to outdoor decoration. Regardless of what type of space you have, whether it's a garden, a patio or a mini balcony, it's important to show it some love with a new look, which...
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  8. Christmas decoration 2020
    Christmas decoration 2020
    All the Christmas collections are now available! We have five styles; Alpine, Traditional, Modern, Black&White and Fantasy. You will enjoy decorating with these Christmas styles.   Alpine Christmas It has a very natural style. The decorations and furniture are in white or natural shades. The knitted blankets will bring warmth to the look and the green, light or pastel colours...
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  9. Virtual Tour of our Showroom
    Would you like to see our showroom? You can now visit our showroom from wherever you want. We have designed a virtual tour, in which you can access every corner of our exhibition room, stroll through the different styles and the latest trends in décor. There are two ways to do it: You can experience the virtual tour in two...
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  10. Sofa Trends 2020
    Sofa Trends 2020
    A bet for success This last year, the range of sofas of Item has increased considerably. Thanks to the success and positive feedback of our customers, we can say that our sofa-beds, chaise longue sofas, 2-seat and 3-seat sofas are a successful bet. Specific selection Our purchasing team, specialized in trends and home decoration, does an arduous job to find...
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