Place a Christmas order and receive it whenever you want!

There is nothing worse than seeing how your fav products have run out. Staying without that article that you liked so much for not having bought it on time.

Therefore, we want to make a proposal: buy Christmas now and receive it whenever you want.

Make sure you have all your items ready for the strongest time of the year: Christmas. Being able to offer a wide range of products, with novelties and references will provide your business with the key to make a difference.

To be able to place your order, you must take into account the purchase conditions:

  1. The minimum order for Christmas items is €200. It is very important that you comply with this condition when placing your order. Otherwise, we cannot ensure the reservation of your articles due to logistical issues.
  2. Novelties are not in stock, therefore you can only receive them from September. You will differentiate them quickly, since they have a blue identification ball of “SEP19” marked on each product.
  3. The rest of the articles that do not contain the blue identification ball are in stock, so they will be available to receive them on the date you indicate. We adapt to you!

If you felt that last year you forgot some products that you could have had in your business, it is time to plan and place your order. We recommend that you make a list with those products that are basic and you know they can never be missing: Christmas tree, lights, decorative balls, etc. Later, check out more than 550 novelties that we have selected. Get inspired by the trends for this coming year and get them in our catalog.


If you have any questions, contact us. We will be happy to help you!