Decorate the store window for the most important festivities of the year

The store window at Christmas is an appeal to attract the public to your business. However, we know that decorating your shop’s store window at Christmas is not an easy task. Inspiration, dedication and a great dose of originality is needed. For that reason, we offer you 4 pieces of advice so you can start creating the ideal store window. Are you staying?

1. Golden and silver

Bet on using golden or silver tones for the Christmas decoration of your store window since, apart from being trendy in decoration, they have an extremely visual appeal. It is important that you make an impact on your clients so they decide to go into your shop to look around. Therefore, colors will play a special role when it comes to decorating.

Whether you have a large store window, you can choose to create several small spaces with different Christmas decorating styles, this way, you will manage to show great part of your catalogue to your clients.


2. Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the king of the house. Decorating and obtaining a lovely tree is the main concern of your customers, harness it. Pick balls with special and different designs in order to create, this way, a unique tree.

There exists thousands of combinations to be able to decorate the tree: traditional decoration with red and green details, a cozy tree with balls in nude and white tones, natural style with white and transparent balls and the must of Christmas: the golden and white tree.

christmas tree

  (Image credit: Home Oh My)                (Image credit: Pinterest)

3. Special pieces

You just only have some seconds to catch the attention of your clients, so you must show the best of the catalogue in your store window. Choose special pieces to recreate the decoration of Christmas environment, since this will be an element in your favor and you will give the client a reason of interest to go into your shop. It is not necessary for them to be expensive or premium pieces; it would be enough with special ones, with their own light.

special pieces

4. Illumination

Christmas shines on its own merit. Not only because it is the most special season of the year, but also because lights play an important role in Christmas decoration. Therefore, it is important that you adapt yourself and use this tool in the store window decoration. You can make the most of the arrival of winter and the dark evenings to illuminate everything with striking lights. This, without a doubt, will attract all the clients.

christmas lights  

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