Tips for decorating the Christmas tree

Setting up the tree is a challenge. How do we make it look pretty?

Let us give you some tips to make it just as you imagine. First of all, think about where you are going to place the tree, so you can decide what size will be the appropriate. In case you already have a tree, look for a place where it is not very hidden behind the rest of your home decoration. Place the tree where you see it a lot so you can enjoy from it in every party! .

What kind of tree?

We have its place and size, now we have to decide what kind of tree and decoration we want. It can be a natural tree, very eco-friendly, since you can replant it anywhere after Christmas. You can also get an artificial tree and reuse it for several years. If creativity is your thing, you can create your own tree with an easy DIY. You can do it with wood and rope and place your own ornaments. Personalized and creative! .


Nowadays we have a lot of variety, so it will be very easy to find what you are looking for. We recommend that you choose two or three materials and two or three shades for the ornaments, so you will make it look dynamic, but homogeneous at the same time. For example, you can choose ornaments made of wood, fabric and bright details. As for the colors, you can pick some neutral or white tones and your favorite color in two different tones. If the color allows it, you can combine it with some gold or silver detail, to a lesser extent. .

How to place them

This is the key moment! First, place the lights getting them between the branches so that they do not bother when putting the ornaments. You can zigzag them, spiraling them up around the tree, or from top to bottom if you have a very tall tree. . Then, place your favorite ornaments at the forefront, continuing with the bulkiest ones. Try to save some symmetry so it looks neat! Finally, place the smallest ornaments in the parts of the tree that look empty and give the final touch with the star or the element you choose for the top. We hope our tips help you create your personal and unique tree. If you still lack inspiration, we will be publishing thousands of options for your Christmas decorations on our Instagram account. Follow us!