Our Christmas is 4x4

Christmas is about to arrive at our homes. As always, it comes loaded with emotion and celebration. However, it is true that we all have our own taste and, therefore, we have created 4 different Christmas environments at ITEM. We would like this Christmas to be for every taste and reflect the personality of each house.

Traditional Christmas

To start, we have created a selection of products that will allow you to decorate with a Traditional Christmas, this could not be missing! We are many who are waiting for it all year long, with the green tree and the predominant details in red. It is a safe bet and never goes out of style. In this selection, you can find everything you need for these Christmas months.

Natural Christmas

On the other hand, from within the forest, we bring you the Natural Christmas which stands out for the use of wood in both large products and details. Natural finishes and predominance of brown and red tones, focusing attention on the points in which we are interested the most. It is a soft alternative to Traditional Christmas or you can also play mixing them.

Romantic Christmas

Now let’s leave the comfort zone a little more and discover the Romantic Christmas. Long live the pink! Dare to decorate your Christmas as if it was a story with warm tones and pastel pink, snowy trees and very sweet decorations. You will create very relaxing environments which you will not want to leave. It is one of the most welcoming Christmas.

Black & White Christmas

Whether you want to surprise everybody, get carried away by the Black & White Christmas, with decorations in flat tones, will be ideal in industrial-style homes. We will let the tree be the king of the party with black and white ornaments and small silver, gold or red details. Discover all Christmas styles.