Discover how to use Instagram Stories for your business

Currently, Instagram is the visual social network par excellence. It counts with 1,000 million users in this 2019 according to data of Hootsuite.

Users use this platform for much more than just sharing content. It is a channel to create community, communicate and tell stories, therefore, a very powerful tool to make a brand or business grow.

But, why pay special attention to Instagram stories for your business? Keep reading, we will tell you.

1. ¿What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an Instagram feature that allows you to share content (photos or videos) in vertical format for 24 hours. Each story is shown on a different slide, which makes it easier to tell a story or show several products in each one.

To use it, you just have to go to the Instagram application and click on the camera icon at the top left part of the page. It will allow you to take a photo or a live video and add filters, text, GIFs, emojis and even music. When you have it ready, you just have to click at the bottom left option where you will see “Your story” written so that it is published. To add more slides to your story you must repeat the same steps with each image or video you wish to publish.

Here we leave a video so you can see how it works:

2. Work on your content

It is very important that you show quality content for your users. Take advantage of this tool to, for instance, make an unboxing about the new decoration order that has arrived in your store. It will allow you to show all the novelties and products that you have added to the catalog and make a call to customers to come to your business to be able to get them.

In addition, you can make videos to be able to expand with your own voice, the information about the products and to generate confidence towards the user.

This same thing is transferred to the images. To take care of the quality of the images that you publish, the illumination and the design of these is of great importance at the moment of communicating and carrying out Instagram Stories. The user is very demanding and seeks immediacy, therefore, you have little time to catch their attention. A picture is worth a thousand words, make them be interested in your content and stay!

Having a design team, marketing and community managers online will make you get the most out of this platform. But if, on the contrary, you do not have a professional team, you can find ideal online templates to make easy and very suitable designs.

3. Make live videos: show your novelties and products

The video format is gaining more and more importance in the online world, since it allows to show much more content in a short period of time. Instagram Stories also offers the possibility of showing live content through the option “Live video”. This functionality, then, is very important because it will allow you to fully exploit your business. You can show a tour of your store or business live, for example, informing the user about each product, each novelty and even offer decorating tips.

In live video, users can also interact directly with your content: giving likes, making comments, queries, requests, etc., which will allow you to create community.

4. Interact with your followers

Instagram Stories evolves more and more by adding different useful and fun features. The most recent are the survey and question stickers. We can interact directly with the user and ask them about their preferences about the product, and even allow us to ask questions or make comments about our business with them.

This is a very valuable information, as we can get to know our public better and see what they like and even what information about the business is not clear. Collecting this information will help you greatly to improve and make your order segmented, with the preferred products of your customers and offer them what they have transmitted to you they are looking for directly.

Using this type of free tools will bring enormous value to your business without much effort, use them in your favor!

Instagram Stories                             Stickers de Instagram Stories

5. Use calls to action

If you want to get good results you should use calls to action.

Calls to action are the words or buttons that prompt the user to perform an action, such as “see more” or “go to the web”. It is essential to provide information to the user with a specific purpose and take it where we want. For example, if you present the new products that have arrived in your business, in your social networks you can tell them to click the link in your biography so they can go to see the products on your website. Or even motivate them to physically approach your business to see all the novelties live.

Offer reasons for the user to want to know more about your business, that is the key.

Whether this whole world is new to you, do not worry. We are sharing some ideas that we use in our social networks so you can be inspired. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we will be happy to help you!

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