In the decor world, the change of seasons is also synonymous with a "change of wardrobe" and, consequently, with a change of your shop window. Business activity is seasonal and adapting the way the product is displayed in each season is always a good strategy. 

Autumn is coming to your shop window

To adapt your shop window to autumn, you don't need to make any big changes, but it is a good idea to introduce small elements and colours that are typical of the season. This will allow you to stand out from your competition. Below, we'll give you some tricks to bring autumn to your shop window.

Create a display with leaves

Leaves are one of the most recurring elements when it comes to designing your windows in this season, since they are very easy to find. If you want leaves to be the protagonists of your new autumn shop window, you can place them in the most traditional way (on the ground), or create original layouts with threads or screen prints.

Under the rain

Rainy days always announce the arrival of this new season, but this doesn't have to be bad news. Are you daring enough to decorate your  autumn show window with an original design inspired by the rain? One idea is to use lamps as umbrellas and light bulbs as raindrops.

Typical dishes

On the other hand, autumn is also characterised by a number of typical dishes such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes or pumpkins. Surely, if you add one of these elements to the window of your store, you will grab the attention of all passers-by.