Prepare your Halloween campaign

Year after year, the Halloween celebration with the well-known American “trick or treat” captivates the whole crowd. This festivity uses up amusement and adrenaline and, for this reason, consumers gather to celebrate this horrific day.

Halloween is the ideal opportunity to drag the attention of your clients and obtain a greater return in your business. Thus, we will tell you the key to prepare it for this special season. Do not let your clients turn into a pumpkin!

The campaign

Thinking and planning the campaign of Halloween will help you create a differentiating strategy. This famous party is characterized by “trick or treat”. Using this aspect as a central point of the campaign can run the business in order to attract a greater number of clients. You can go for a costume’s contest and reward the most original one with a discount in your store or even offer dynamic games as the classic American “trick or treat”.

Watch window dressing

The window of your store must transmit horror at first sight. Prepare it some days ahead the date and recreate a phantasmagoric scene with key elements such as skeletons, spider webs, pumpkins and witches. Decorate this space with the help of our shelves, candle holders and hanging decorations, which will make your store window have the perfect horror movie environment.


Moreover, taking care of the illumination is a very important factor as well, since dim, masked and enigmatic light will represent a Halloween environment perfectly. Choose the features that you would like your store window showed; horrifying, enigmatic, amusing, original features… and put a spell on your clients!

Be original

Originality will be your perfect allied to mark the difference throughout this Halloween season. Whether you like your clients to remember you, you ought to cause an impact on them and this is achieved by doing something different. Like we mentioned previously, you can create competitions, games that make your clients participate and/or offer any kind of discount. Likewise, getting dressed as a terror character or any other original Halloween motif will make your clients immerse themselves in a horror story when they get in your store. Be creative and risk it, your customers will not forget it.

If you have any doubt, contact us. We'd love to hear from you.