Take a 360º turn to the ITEM stand

Thank you very much to everyone who visited us at Intergift. In case anyone missed it, let’s make a short summary about the best of Intergift. In addition, take advantage and go on a tour throughout our stand with a 360ª virtual tour.

21 different environments to inspire you

Lovers of the industrial style, in this edition we present two very different but complementary spaces at the same time. With the former, Industrial Versatility, we show a decoration which is 100% faithful to the style, while with the latter, World Map, we exhibit a gift collection with a traveler character.

Going on with the tour, we present two rooms for one of our star families- the textile. Soft Shabby with lots of colorful prints along with a corner which makes you fall in love with it, like the hyperfloral chic collection. Next to it, the White Ethnic with more neutral patterns and colors, furniture carved in mango wood, sought to acclimate us to the most exotic places.

We all know that boho is constantly evolving, that is why we created a space of contrasts; the classic boho along with darker tones in Dusk space. If what you like are the natural materials that convey this inner peace, your space was the Natural Boho.

We had the Oriental Temple environment which was completely different, with products and furniture representative of Japanese culture. In this style, there was our line of furniture with exclusive ITEM design; green tones with decorations on the knobs.

A large island that mixed the contemporary with the chic, 5 very different spaces that sought to present the golden and silver collections in different shades or patterns: contemporary Blue, Orange, Gray, Dark and a wilder style, the Tropical Contemporary.

Maybe it wasn’t the biggest space, but its novelty made it stand out at the stand. This was no other than the Classic Renaissance, elegant designs inspired by ancient Rome and classical Greece, mixed with green tones in the range of sofas and armchairs, and white for furniture.

One of the star styles of February’s edition, the Colonial Relaxed, continues being popular in the sector. There are brown and neutral tones, natural wood and wicker characteristics in this soft style. On the other hand, more vivid colors such as mustard and African decoration could be seen in our section of the space Brazzaville.

Neither could we miss the sweetness of the space Kids and the decoration for the Garden and Bathroom. Stationery and Gift items and ITEM Bistro with many items of exclusive design in tableware and home items.


Our commitment to ITEM Home has been more diversified this year than ever: Eclectic, a wonderful mix of industrial and chic styles; Mediterranean sobriety with a romantic touch; Oasis quality textiles with prints made by artisans and hand-carved mango furniture. In addition, Shiny which is very elegant, with touches of brightness and neutral tones; and Treasury with more tribal and oriental elements. Do not miss them!


Finally, we had 4 special Christmas environments. Black & White, very suitable to bre combined with the character of the Industrial style. The Natural, full of brown and green tones, the Romantic one where white and pink predominate, and the traditional one, with red standing out from the rest, filling the rooms of our homes with Christmas spirit.

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