A summary of the February 2019 edition 

First of all, we would like to thank all of you for visiting our stand during the 5 days of Intergift. For ITEM International, this edition has been a resounding success with more than 3,000 clients served. This fills us with confidence for the future. We will work with enthusiasm to return it, with care and dedication so that you have the best possible service.

As a leading company in the sector, presenting more than 3,000 new features per season can be challenging. It consists of the study of the trends to show you and anticipate what will come this year, as well as the efforts employed at the time of the stand assembly.

Regarding this edition, we would like to highlight 5 points:

Space ITEM Home

Last year we presented our first collection of home & furniture ITEM Home. But in this edition we have had the opportunity to show a greater number of collections in 5 spaces that have made the rooms shine. ITEM Home has almost 400 items that combine perfectly with other ITEM items, which have allowed the creation of corners such as the oriental style Wabi Sabi, chic Jazz with special attention to "curvy" sofas, or tougher styles such as Merlot where industrial influences are mixed with different ethnic styles.


Relaxed Colonial

This style is the trend of the season. An evolution of the tropical classic looking for more "soft" tones but without leaving aside the exotic point that gives so much personality to the home. Two of the first three rooms of our tour worked on this concept and have had a great acceptance by our customers. Materials such as rattan, wicker or bamboo have stood out above the rest, which transport nature back home.


The tropical style does not need an introduction. It triumphs season after season. You know in detail how well it is sold, they are a "must" in the decoration business. For this edition, in addition to the colorful collections of parrots, monkeys and plants, we wanted to show a more tropical chic point with velvety finishes and elegant details in paintings and vases.

Golden invasion

If we must choose a color detail for this 2019 it is undoubtedly the gold. The gold grows, expands to other styles hitherto unimaginable as is the case of the industrial. This time, with a less ostentatious point giving way to more matte or coppery tones. An example of all this has been two of the industrial rooms of this year: Sophisticated NY with golden contrast and dark tones and the Copper Industrial, whose name indicates that it plays with lighting, furniture and copper-colored decoration.


Natural marine

Relax: with this idea we present the largest space of our stand. Transfer the peace and good vibrations of the sea directly to the home, but not with a classic style but much beyond. A natural style, with Ibizan influences and very clear tones to turn the home into a paradise throughout the year.

In addition to these collections, we have presented consolidated styles such as the Atlantic of aged finishes, striped sailor or a new collection of coral tones, top trend of this year.

Discover the rest of the spaces in our catalog and make your order to get the latest novelties in the sector. See you in the next edition!