1. How can I navigate around the website?


Our online website is very easy and intuitive to use, but in case you have any doubt, we have created a complete user manual to guide you in the first steps of a purchase. Moreover, if you pay attention, in the lower right corner you have our chat, and, in there, our customer service team will answer immediately the questions that may arise.


  1. I want to create a password to have access to the website


ITEM International is a distribution company and, therefore, we just sell our products to the sector professionals. If you want to make a purchase, you will need to go through the process ‘creating customer’.

In case of being a customer, you can go to MY ACCOUNT and click on PASSWORD REMINDER, then an email will be sent for you to create another password.


  1. I have an online business. Can I buy your products?


Yes, at ITEM International we sell products to online businesses. The conditions are the same as the ones for the traditional businesses: we deliver to customers in the actual business (not in private homes), there is a minimum order, we do not work with dropshipping, we deliver photographs just from the purchased products and you will have a sales representative associated to your account.


  1. Can I buy just online?


Yes, you can buy just online, but, as part of our sales policy, we recommend you to take into account our experienced team of representatives. They are the ones who can advise you the best about the latest trends of the market and present the newness that will arrive son at ITEM which are not in stock yet.





  1. Where can I find a copy of an order, delivery note or invoice?


It is very easy, if you want to get a copy from your order, delivery note or invoice, you will find them in MY ACCOUNT>MY ORDERS/ DELIVERY NOTES/ INVOICES, you can get all the delivery notes and invoices from online purchases or from the purchases done with the representative. Bear in mind that the orders requested to the representative can last 24h until they get to the website, but do not worry, because everything is inside our database.


  1. When will I receive my order?


If you want to check your order status, we recommend you to click on MY ACCOUNT> MY ORDERS, there you will find the status of your order. There are three possible status: RECEIVED, UNDER PREPARATION or SENT. In each of the steps, you will receive an informative email to have your order under control.


  1. Have you received the order that I have made?


We hope so. Whenever you make an order, you should receive an email with the confirmation of the already made order and its reference. Moreover, if you want to check the status of your order to can do it in MY ACCOUNT/MY ORDERS 


  1. I have an order to receive, which I made some months ago, but I never receive it. How can I check the delivery status?


In MY ACCOUNT, you will not be able to check the exact status of your order after it has left our warehouse, but bear in mind the delivery time given in the communications. To check the exact status of your order if there is a delay which was not expected, contact us at or you can call us at 93 776 83 00.


  1. I need a copy of all items to be delivered. How can I get it?


At the same section ‘OUTSTANDING ITEMS’ from MY ACCOUNT there is a link where you can download a PDF document with all items to be delivered.


  1. I have an outstanding refund. How is the refund of the amount going to be made?


From our commercial team, we will be in charge of processing the refund. You will receive an email with the confirmation and this amount will be automatically discounted in your following invoice. In case you need another way of receiving the payment, send us an email at and we will answer your request as soon as possible.


  1. When will you receive my outstanding item?


The dates are approximate, but you will find information in the section ‘OUTSTANDING ITEMS’.


  1. How can I check my trolley with outstanding orders/items?


It is very easy, go to the tab ‘OUTSTANDING ITEMS’ from MY ACCOUNT, and, there, you will find all the products that have not been sent yet.


  1. Could you please send me photos of the already bought products?


Yes, of course, if you want to download the photos of the already bought products you just need to go to MY ACCOUNT> ORDERS, and on the right part there is a small icon of a camera. In there, you will be able to download the photos of the already bought products. Bear in mind that we will just send the photos of the products which have been already bought.


  1. I need to change some data from my account. How can I change them?


It is very easy, you need to go to MY ACCOUNT and click on MODIFY MY PERSONAL DATA. To change some of this information, such as the bank account number, you will need to send us an email with your data/information at


  1. Where can I find the technical characteristics and the safety of a product?


In each of the pages of the product, you can check its characteristics: KIND OF PRODUCT, MATERIALS, SIZES, FINISHINGS, COLOURS, ATMOSPHERES, COLLECTION AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Nevertheless, if you need more information you can contact our commercial team and they will give you more information about certificates or manuals at


  1. Do you have a minimum purchase amount in your orders?


Yes, our products have a minimum amount. With this minimum amount, the shippings are always paid by us. The minimum amount varies according to the area, and, therefore, we recommend you to contact us at and we will give you some details about the minimum order in your area.


  1. I cannot find the shipping price. Could you please send it to me?


You will not find the shipping price, because there is not price. At ITEM the delivery costs are paid, but always associated with a minimum order and amount.


  1. Can I make an order below the minimum amount and pay the shipping cost?


No, we have tried to adjust to the maximum our amounts, so that all kinds of business (wholesalers or retailers) could get to the minimum amount without many difficulties. Moreover, it is important for you to know that behind each order there are people working at the warehouse, people working at the administrative and sales sector which is necessary to follow to make sure that there is a profitability in the order.


  1. 19.   I would like to make an order, but it is the first time that I buy at ITEM. Could you help me?


We have prepared an easy and practical user manual for these cases. You can download it in here. In case you need extra help or in case there is something that is not quite clear, you have an online consultant in our chat (during our office timetable). If you want to buy the latest trends or to be advised directly at your business, we recommend you to contact with the sales representative assigned (you can check his/her phone contact in the section MY ACCOUNT) s/he will give advice about the products that best fit your business.


  1. I cannot find a product which was in the shop last week.


In our online shop, we just have those products that are in stock, that is why we regret telling you that this product is not available in our warehouse. Nevertheless, if you are really interested in this product and you have a reference number, we recommend you to contact your representative for him/her to add it in your trolley in case we receive it again in the following weeks.


  1. Where can I find all the items’ information?


If you click on details about the product, you will be able to check all the technical characteristics. Nevertheless, if you still need more information, we recommend you to contact us at


  1. Can I show my customers the website with the prices of the shop and not the distributor ones?


Yes, on the tab MY ACCOUNT> PRICE SIMULATORS you will be able to add the price multiplier that is of your interest. The price at which you buy an item is 1, therefore, to increase the price you will just need to change the multiplier number.




  1. Can I pay my orders or outstanding payments by credit card?


Yes, you can pay by any credit or debit card without any charge. To pay the orders, when you finish the purchase process, in the section method of payment you will be able to choose your usual payment method or choose a payment by credit card. In case of making a payment from an outstanding amount, in MY ACOUNT> MAKE A PAYMENT, you will be able to pay it by introducing the order’s number.




  1. I have received a broken/damaged item. What can I do?


You have five working days to make any kind of complaint regarding your order, the sooner, the better. We recommend you to open an incidence on MY ACCOUNT> BREAKAGES, in there you will need to fill in a form showing that it is a damaged item with all the necessary information and you will need, as well, to attach photos for us to be able to check what happened to be able to answer as soon as possible.


  1. I have received less products than the ones indicated in my invoice. What shall I do?


If, after checking your order, you notice that there are some products missing, we recommend you to open an incidence regarding missing products on MY ACCOUNT > LEFTOVERS AND LACKS, in there you will need to fill in a form showing that there are some items missing and you will need to add all the information. We would like to remind you that you have five working days to make any complaint about the order.


  1. I have some extra items in my order that I have not bought. What shall I do?


First of all, thank you for your honesty. To notify the delivery of more items that the ones established in your invoice, we would like to ask you to open a request due to the delivery of extra products on MY ACCOUNT > LEFTOVERS AND LACKS, in there you will need you fill in a form showing that you have received extra items with all the necessary information.


  1. I have received less packages than the ones notified in the order and delivery.


It is essential for you to check that all the packages written in the order have been received when you get your delivery. Otherwise, you will need to write it down in the receipt or invoice. This way, the agency will contact us to manage this incidence. After checking that incidence, we will contact us to explain what happened and the decision to the problem for you to get the order as soon as possible in your business.


  1. One of the products I bought is not as I expected. Can I return it?


We regret communicating that at ITEM we do not make any kind of refund or change due to the expectancy of the already bought product. We ensure the quality of our products and in case there is a defect, then we make a refund. 





  1. I am an individual; how can I buy your products?


As a furniture, decoration, home and gift provider, we do not sell our products to individuals, we just sell our products to sector professionals. We have more than 8.500 customers, and, therefore, it is ensured that you will have a business near you with our items.


  1. Do you have a shop locator where we can find businesses which sell your products?


Currently we do not have it at our disposal, but we hope to be able to offer this service in the following months for you to be able to check and visit our customer’s businesses to discover the wide range of ITEM products.


  1. I would like to contact your marketing/communication/press department.

Contact directly at and we will be please to inform you.

  1. 32.   I am a possible provider and I would like to present your products for you to add them in your catalogue. With whom can I contact?


Send us an email at and we will check your proposal.

  1. I would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter.


It is a shame that you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter! If you go to MY ACCOUNT> SUBSCRIPTIONS you will be able to check the subscriptions with our website. Nevertheless, we would like you to keep receiving our information.

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