Tips to move through our online shop

With these tips, we want to help you in your first steps to move through our online shop. We are sure that the change from one website to the other will be easy, since we have worked to have a utility which is 100% intuitive

Before starting surfing the net, we would like to tell you that we have created only one website with the main idea that the corporative contents and the online shop were in the same place. Reaching this way, a unification of contents for you to be able to find everything you are looking for at any time.


  1. 1.      How to access or create an account

Either if you surf with your browser or with a Tablet or Smartphone, you will find on the top part an icon of a person (see picture below) and by clicking it you will be able to access your account.



A pop-up window will be opened where you will be able to access your account, or in case of not being a customer, you will be able to make the request to open a new ITEM account.


To access the account that will let you display the products and buy them, you will have to fill in the USER field, if you introduce your CUSTOMER NUMBER or the EMAIL related to the account, and the PASSWORD. The customers who have more than one account with the same related EMAIL, they will only be allowed to access their accounts with the CUSTOMER NUMBER.

If you are not a customer at ITEM yet, but you are interested in our products for your business, on the top part, if you click on the tab CREATE AN ACCOUNT, you will be able to fill in a customer form which will be validated by our team of sales representatives in a maximum of 48-72 hours. To accelerate the process, we ask you to fill in all the fields of the form.

You will also be able to access these two websites, through the link in the footer (bottom menu) on MY ACCOUNT or REGISTER (


  1. 2.      Password recovery and creation of a new one

In case of losing or forgetting your password, you can make in an automatic way the password recovery through the link that you will find on the bottom part in the access to MY ACCOUNT.


Inside the website, you have to introduce the CUSTOMER NUMBER (you will find it on the top part of any invoice) and an email related to the account will be sent to you with the brief steps to recover your password.

If, for any reason, you need to modify or create a new account on MY ACCOUNT-> ACCOUNT INFORMATION you will be able to change the password immediately.




  1. 3.      How the 20.000 products are organized

We have made a modification of our groups of products, by giving to each product more information that will help it to have a quick purchase, with which we hope you to find the item you are looking for in just a click thanks to our specific and worked segmentation. The quickest way to surf through our website is through the top menu:


The purchase is thought to be done from two sides. On the one hand, the purchase from the type of product organized in 4 top groups: Furniture, Decoration, Home and Gift. Each of these top groups have different groups underneath them. These groups have a very close relationship with the groups that you could see in the previous website.











Wall decoration


Decorative clocks







Home accessories


Gift boxes



Stationery and bookshop


These groups can be related with the other kind of purchase of our items through atmospheres, collections or campaigns. As a permanent catalogue, we will have our three main campaigns: Christmas, Marine and Halloween. In the tab ATMOSPHERES you will find all the latest trends in decoration. This kind of purchase is 100% related with the season’s styles. Moreover, if an article belongs to a collection, you will also be able to find the related items in order to purchase in an organised way all the articles, all this will be in the section ‘related collections’.

Finally, we have created an OUTLET area for all those clients who are looking for opportunity products or products in offer. You will find products with discounts up to 70%.

Apart from surfing through the top menu, if you want to let yourself be advised about the latest trends in the market in our home page (initial page) we will be uptdating constantly the most remarkable contents for each moment of the year.


  1. 4.      Smart searcher

If you do not find a product or you want to go directly to the object that you are looking for, the searcher is the easiest way to find the desired product. The searcher is found on the top part of the menu, either if you are using a computer or a Tablet. In the search of a specific reference, by introducing the number of reference or the SKU, either with the initial letters or without them, the product, its image and its price will appear.

If, on the contrary, you want to make a more general search of a kind of product by writing the first letters, all the products which contain those words will apperar. For exemple, we show you an example with SHOWCASES.



  1. 5.      Quick purchase in the website of products

With a wide catalogue such as ours, making your work easier is relevant for you to be able to address the necessary time (and not more) to buy our products. For this reason, we have created a purchase without the necessity to go the page of the product, in the page of products you will be able to choose the number of units that you want:



  1. 6.      Filter by products

One of the new functions of the website and that we think that it can be of a great utility to make from your purchase a quick and intuitive process, is through the filter of products to segment and find those products that you are looking for.

On the left side, you will be able to make a filter in any product page or atmosphere. These attributes to make a filter search are multisection, therefore, you will be able to apply more than one attribute inside the filter. The attributes that you will be able to filter are the following: CATEGORY OF PRODUCTS, ATMOSPHERES, COLOR, MATERIAL, FINISHINGS, PRICE, PRODUCTS IN OFFER AND ITEM’s exclusive design.

Once the filter is made, on the top part you will be able to see all those selected attributes for you to know at any moment the kind of segmentation you have made.


  1. 7.      Product’s File

On the product’s file, you will be able to find all the information of an article as well as to see all its images to be able to buy with all certainty and to be able to check all the details in a high quality. The main description is only the basic information of the product, in the descriptions the following information will be detailed: kind of product, group, product’s materials, colours, assortment, set, ITEM’s exclusive design, atmospheres and collection.

Apart from the information of the product, it will be possible to see more detailed pictures of the product. On the one hand, by clicking the arrow you will be able to see the related pictures and if you click inside the picture a digital display will be open with a zoom in order to be able to check all the details of the article.


Obviously, in this website you will be able to select the number of articles that you want to add to the purchase trolley.


  1. 8.      Related products

Through your purchase experience, we have added a module that will advise you about those products that best fit for your business or with the already bought articles. With this artificial intelligence, we want to accelerate your purchases.

You will be able to visualize as many products as you want thanks to the arrows that you have on the sides:



  1. 9.      Change the language

It had never been that easy to change the language of our website. As a customer you will have an initial language, but you will be able to change it to any of the 5 active languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. In the page for desktop version (computer screen)it  is just on the top part and on the bottom menu if you are using a Tablet or Smartphone:



  1. 10.  Shopping trolley and purchase

At any time you will be able to visualize (without logging out) all the articles that you already have in the shopping trolley. It is on the top part of the menu, if you click on it, a pop-up menu will be opened with all the selected items:


To check in more detail the selected items and to be able to modify or delete those articles that you wish, by clicking SEE TROLLEY (blue button) a page will be opened with all the articles and the final amount.



  1. 11.  Download the invoices

On MY ACCOUNT you will always have all your invoices, orders and delivery notes updated for you to be able to visualize, check or download all the documents related to ITEM. In the case of invoices, it is important for you to know the new downloading method in a PDF format. We have tried to make all the managements done on MY ACCOUNT to be easy to manage for you to be able to move in an autonomous way without the need of a consultant, with the objective of being able to make your everyday managements at any time.


  1. 12.  Outstanding items

It doesn’t matter if you have bought in our online shop, through the representative or in the fair. We want you to be able to manage and check the outstanding items in a unified way, so that, in this way, you can plan the arrival of the items. On MY ACCOUNT > OUTSTANDING ITEMS, you will find the information of the outsdaing items to be received, from which order they are and the approximate date in which you will receive them. These dates are just orientative, but they are subject to some variables that are beyond our reach, such as the sea conditions, port conditions, strikes or incidents which were not considered at the beginning.


  1. 13.  Data modification

If you want to modify the data related to you account, on MY ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT INFORMATION you will be able to make the changes that you need about your account. These data will not be applied immediately, they will need to be checked by our commercial team, because any change needs to be validated and needs to be consistent with the sales conditions.


  1. 14.  Price multiplier for your clients

If you want to show all our catalogue to your clients and you want them to see the prices at which you would sell the products and not the purchase price for professionals, you can modify the price display on MY ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT INFOMATION on the tab MULTIPLIER FACTOR. Bear in mind that, if you want to sell it at double  the price of what it says on the website, you will need to introduce “2” and then SAVE.

All the prices will be seen with the multiplier factor except for the purchase trolley, where the sales price for professionals will be seen. Finally, we want to remind you that you should bear in mind that this MULTIPLIER FACTOR, for you not to see the prices of the articles with a different price than the real one.



  1. 15.  Outstanding payment

Making payments through bank transfers or with a credit card is very easy in our online shop. If you need to make an outstanding payment for one of your delivery notes or if you have any outstanding payment from any order, if you go to MY ACCOUNT > MAKE A PAYMENT you will be able to pay your delivery notes, invoices or outstanding payments. Related to the number of document that you need to pay and the amount, the payment method that you choose will be opened.


  1. 16.  My incidents: damaged, missing and/or extra articles.

We hope it doesn’t happen very often, but in the case of having to notify an incident, either because the product is damaged, because there is a missing article or an extra one; on MY ACCOUNT> INCIDENTS/INCIDENCES you will be able to make the incidents from your already received delivery notes. Bear in mind that if you need to modify an agency deffect you have a maximum of 5 days.

Before opening an incident you will have to choose from which delivery note you want to make an incident and, once this first step is made, you will need to fill in the fields with the different possibilities that you will find in there: ARTICLE, QUANTITY, DECISION, CONDITION, REASON and COMMENT.


The field DECISION is important, due to the fact that in there you will have to choose if an article is damaged, or whether it is missing or extra. Unlike the previous program for the management of incidents, we have unified the program to accelerate the management in only one space and, this way, you will be able to check everything in a unified way.

With all these incidents, it is essential to attach a photography that shows the condition of the product. Right now, with our page ‘responsive’ (designed for all kinds of devices) you will be able to make the incidents directly from your mobile phone.


If you need to add more than one product inside the incident, by clicking in ADD PRODUCT you will be able to open a new form to fill in.

  1. 17.  Save products that are of your interest

If you are interested in some specific products, but for some reason you do not want to buy them, we have added the option to save the products to accelerate a future purchase. This DESIRED PRODUCT’S LIST is a selection of articles, but we never save these articles that are on stock, therfore, we recommend to to keep checking them.

To save the articles that are of your interest, you will have to do it from the page of each product by clicking the icon of a heart.


Once the product is saved in the LIST OF INTERESTING PRODUCTS, you will be able to visualize the saved products on MY ACCOUNT> DESIRED PRODUCT’S LIST. Or in a much quicker way, on the top part of the screen by clicking the icon with a heart shape:


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